Extension Example

Using the Extension Logo with Other Logos

How do you use the Extension logo with the logos of other groups that work with you? Here are Extension’s guidelines for co-branding on publications and Web sites.


Use the Extension logo with all program logos in all media. Every time.

See example (PDF)


Use both university logos where required. Use the logo for a single university if the piece being produced is specific to one university.

N.C. State Brand Book

N.C. A&T Brand


When a partner helps develop and deliver programs, treat the partner’s name as you would the Extension logo. Both logos should be the same size.

See example (PDF)


Sponsors contribute goods, service or money that deliver programs. Place sponsor logos at the page bottom or in credits. Make sponsor logos 25 percent smaller than the Extension logo.

See example (PDF)

Multiple Sponsors

Group sponsors by contribution level (e.g. gold, silver and bronze); then list sponsors by level. Use names instead of logos for a more professional look when the list is long or space is limited.

See example (PDF)

When Extension is a Sponsor or Partner

When partnering with other agencies or groups, always offer your logo. Don’t wait to be asked! Ask what size(s), color (e.g. color or black and white) and file format(s) they need. Send it promptly, or point them to Extension’s logo download website. You cannot make partners use your logo, but you can make using it easy.

If your logo won’t work, request a name credit. Use the words “N.C. Cooperative Extension.” County centers should follow the name with the words “Adams County Center.”

For a customized Extension logo, contact University Communication Services Customer Service, 919-513-3045.